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  • Acupuncture And Herbs Alzheimer’s Finding 2020-04-30 [Health]
    Acupuncture benefits patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Wu’an Hospital of Chinese Medicine (Hebei, China) researchers conducted a clinical trial. They conclude that a combination of acupuncture and Bu Shen Huo Xue Tang herbal formula provides significant clinical results for Alzheimer’s disease patients. Patients receiving acupuncture plus herbs experienced improvements in cognitive function and quality of life (total effective rate 84%). The drug control group had a 68% total effective rate. [1]
  • Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus? Covid-19 myths busted
    source:theguardian 2020-04-29 [Health]
    The truth about how you can catch coronavirus, who is most vulnerable and what you can do to avoid infection
  • Sunlight destroys coronavirus quickly, says US agency 2020-04-28 [Health]
    The new coronavirus is quickly destroyed by sunlight, according to a new study announced by a senior US official on Thursday, offering hope that its spread may ease over the summer.
  • Remdesivir in covid-19
    source:BMJ 2020-04-23 [Health]
    A drug with potential—don’t waste time on uncontrolled observations. / BMJ 2020; 369 doi: / Robin E Ferner, honorary professor of clinical pharmacology1, Jeffrey K Aronson, clinical pharmacologist2
  • Can Physical Activity Decrease the Risk of Depression?
    author:Ashok Bhandari, NDsource:naturalmedicinejournal 2020-04-23 [Health]
    For the genetically vulnerable, the evidence says yes
  • TOP 10: Emerging trends in alternative medicine 2020-04-19 [Health]
    It’s official, about a third of Americans seek alternative medicine out in lieu of their doctor’s office when it comes to their health – at least according to the National Institutes of Health.Most Americans who use these nontraditional approaches do so as a complement to conventional care. Only about 5 percent of Americans use alternative medicine solely, according to the reports.The data comes from the National Health Statistics Report – a survey the government completes to look at the health habits of a representative sample of the United States. They talked to over 89,000 American adults and over 17,000 children between the ages of 4- and 17-years-old.
  • Daily Acupuncture Helps the Extubated Patients’ Muscle Recovery
    source:Changjiang Daily 2020-04-18 [Health]
    Wuhan Union Hospital West Campus Gives Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Treatment to Critical Cases
  • WHO and South Korea investigate reconfirmed cases
    author:Elisabeth Mahasesource:BMJ 2020-04-16 [Health]
    The World Health Organization and South Korea are investigating how several covid-19 patients who were believed to have recovered from the virus and had tested negative later tested positive.
  • Trump halts WHO funding in move labelled “petulant” and “short sighted”
    source:BMJ 2020-04-16 [Health]
    President Donald Trump has announced that the US has officially halted its funding to the World Health Organization while it undertakes an investigation into whether the UN health agency mismanaged or covered up the spread of covid-19.
  • What can herbal medicine offer me?
    source:BHMA 2020-04-11 [Health]
    Herbal remedies have been the foundation of health care through recorded history. Many modern drugs are derived from plants. Today herbs can be ideal complements to modern medicines. They make great natural self care choices for conditions you can safely treat yourself. There are also highly qualified herbal practitioners who can use herbs for personalised treatments.
  • Could a new study give hope for earlier diagnosis of cancer?
    source:NHS 2020-04-11 [Health]
    "Signs of cancer can appear long before diagnosis," reports The Guardian.
  • Lower back pain? Self-administered acupressure could help 2020-04-10 [Health]
    A recent study finds that acupressure, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, can improve chronic pain symptoms in the lower back.
  • Experts review evidence yoga is good for the brain 2020-04-10 [Health]
    Scientists have known for decades that aerobic exercise strengthens the brain and contributes to the growth of new neurons, but few studies have examined how yoga affects the brain. A review of the science finds evidence that yoga enhances many of the same brain structures and functions that benefit from aerobic exercise.
  • Herbal Medicine Might help battle against COVID-19 2020-04-10 [Health]
    Indian medicinal plants might help ease symptoms
  • Can you get coronavirus twice?
    author:Joseph Guzman 2020-04-10 [Health]
    There have been reports of people testing positive for the new novel coronavirus for a second time, but are there real chances of reinfection?